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Vacuum laminating machine is also called vacuum blister machine. It uses the principle of vacuum high and low pressure to paste PVC film on various special-shaped workpieces under certain process conditions. The improved vacuum laminating machine is suitable for PVC film. Printing film (PET), after adding silica gel plate, can also be pasted with solid wood veneer (imitation veneer, technological veneer), which truly realizes a multifunctional machine and is widely used in furniture and whole house customization industries. At present, the vacuum laminating machine is highly automated and easy to operate.


Use and operation of vacuum laminating machine:


1. The equipment should be operated by a dedicated person, and the operator should be trained to be familiar with the performance of the equipment, master the coating process to understand the operation method, and pay attention to safe production.


How to use the vacuum laminating machine correctly


2. Turn on the heating switch, set the temperature, vacuum and preheating time according to the production process. When the vacuum pump is turned on for the first time every day or after a long period of shutdown, the switch should be turned on twice before turning it on again, which is beneficial to the normal use of the vacuum pump.


3. Polish the surface of the work piece to be coated smoothly, spray the special glue for PVC film evenly, put the prepared work piece on the telescopic pad dedicated to the suction and coating station, raise the frame of the PVC film, lay the PVC film, and put it down The compression frame is immediately locked to the compression frame, and the PVC film is required to be flat, free from damage, no air leakage and no debris.


4. Put the suction and cladding station into the heating control box, and heat the PVC film according to the preheating timing. After the set time is up, the vacuum pump will automatically turn on for suction and cladding. After the suction and cladding is in place, the constant temperature will continue for 30s´Ż×90s (this parameter) It can be controlled by itself), and then automatically exit the warehouse, and the automatic cooling function will be performed at the same time when the warehouse is exited, and the workpiece can be taken out after cooling.


5. Carefully record the process parameters of various adsorption materials and special glues used in the production process, which will be helpful for future work.


Where to buy vacuum laminating machine?


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10 Sep, 2021


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03 Sep, 2021


In comparison, users can find that the automatic pre-coating film machine is actually quite different, because there is not only one manufacturer in the market that produces this kind of equipment, and different manufacturers will naturally make it. There are big differences in performance, quality, etc., first of all, there will be different operations in the user’s use, some can achieve fully automatic operation, and some can achieve semi-automatic operation, etc., so it is in the entire operation There will also be a big difference.

27 Aug, 2021


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