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Solution to the problem of laminating machine

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  During the laminating process of the laminating machine, there will be some problems, so how to solve the problems in the process?


   A large area of the screen has a feeling of "mist and misty"


  1. Insufficient film pressure-adjust the pressure of the cold laminator;


  2. The two ends of the cold laminating machine are not flat-adjust the adjustment screws of the cold laminating machine spacing to achieve an equal distance;


  3. When this happens when passing the photo paper-the surface of the photo paper is not flat, generally around 25 degrees, and it will automatically disappear after 2-3 hours. The higher the temperature, the faster it will disappear;


  4. This situation occurs when the PP adhesive is used-A. If there is no "rough" feeling in the PP adhesive picture by hand, please follow the above method; B. If there is a "rough" feeling, you need to replace the PP adhesive;


  5. Glue viscosity is not good at low temperatures-A. Increase the use environment temperature. B. Replace the cold laminating film.




  There are "white spots" after the screen


  1. Insufficient glue viscosity-A. Increase the use environment temperature;


  2. The glue is thin-generally the distance is not long, and the probability of occurrence before and after the shutdown is relatively large, generally just a few meters away;


  3. The PP adhesive surface feels "rough" when touched by hand-A. Replace the PP adhesive, B. Or use a photo studio film to pass the picture;


  4. There is dust in the air-A. Purify the operating environment, B. Turn off the source of blowing or air intake;


  5. Water droplets (such as saliva) are accidentally splashed on the surface of the spray painting-A. Pay attention to the operation, especially do not face the screen when speaking, B. The air temperature in a dry environment, such as: turn on the air conditioner, hot air blower or ventilation, etc.


  It is good after painting, but there are "bubbles" after being left for a period of time (or the next day)


  1. The glue is not "cured" thoroughly, open the cold-laminated film package and place it in the air for 2-5 days, so that the glue can be fully "cured" under natural conditions;


  2. The picture is not sufficiently dry, especially in winter, because the ink in winter contains antifreeze ingredients, which is not easy to volatilize and completely dry the picture. Generally, the storage time in winter is twice as long as summer and autumn.


  The above are some of the problems in the laminating process of the laminating machine and the corresponding solutions. If you feel good, you can collect it!

22 Apr, 2021


The conventional automatic laminating machine technology on the market adopts the method of laminating film with glue. Moreover, the automatic laminating method of the automatic laminating machine is different. The PE film with high-pressure polyethylene as the main material is used. After the special treatment of the film, the PE film can be heat-melted and loaded on the color printing paper. After being processed by the automatic laminating machine, it will not be bubbled after being rubbed hard, and it can withstand high temperatures of about 20 degrees to 120 degrees. , In the process of automatic laminating without glue, a layer of auxiliary materials is inserted between the heating roller and the PE film, and they are passed through the automatic laminating machine together, and then the automatic laminating products are removed from the auxiliary materials. Due to the different materials used, the same kind of PE film can produce light film, matte or other effects. First of all, high-pressure polyethylene is blown into PE film as the main material because of its easy-to-obtain hot melt and plasticity.


22 Apr, 2021


What are the tips for debugging the pre-coating laminating machine? The quality of the film is mainly the three factors of temperature, pressure, and speed, which are critical to the production of the following processes to ensure the quality of the pre-coated film.

22 Apr, 2021


The phenomenon of wrinkles in the film, in fact, this kind of problem is common, and because of this, the problem of wrinkles in the film of the film laminator has also become a problem that has been discussed in the post-press processing industry. Next, let's discuss the next thing about the film laminator. Causes and solutions for wrinkles in the film.


21 Apr, 2021


What is the operating process of the pre-coating type laminating machine? Let's take a look together.

1. Prepare. Check whether the parts of the machine are normal, and carry out routine inspection, lubrication and cleaning before starting up.

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