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  What are the tips for debugging the pre-coating laminating machine? The quality of the film is mainly the three factors of temperature, pressure, and speed, which are critical to the production of the following processes to ensure the quality of the pre-coated film.


  The first major factor of pre-coated film: temperature


  Temperature is the first hub of the film. The adhesive used for the pre-coated film is hot melt adhesive. The temperature determines the melting state of the hot melt adhesive, the leveling function of the hot melt adhesive, and the direction of the hot melt adhesive molecules to BOPP. The intermolecular diffusion capacity of the film, the printing ink layer, and the paper substrate also determines the crystallinity of the hot melt adhesive. Only by accurately controlling the temperature of the working area can the pre-coated film be melted on the film in a solid state. The glue layer is completely melted into a viscous state, with suitable mobility to achieve wetting and bonding to the surface of the printed product, and at the same time to ensure that it solidifies immediately after lamination, so that the laminated product has a smooth appearance, bright enough, and a good degree of melting of the glue layer. No creases. And can peel off the ink.


  The temperature control of the laminating process also affects and determines the hot melt adhesive used for laminating to solve the changes when heated, and the strength to counter the new heat. Therefore, strict temperature control is the primary hub of pre-coating and pre-coating machine laminating.


What are the tips for debugging the pre-coating laminating machine?


  The second major factor of pre-coated film: pressure


  The pressure should be used to accurately control the laminating temperature while using appropriate pressure. Because the surface of the paper itself is not very smooth, only under the action of pressure, the hot melt adhesive in the viscous state will be fully in the process of driving off the air on the surface of the printed matter. Wet the surface of the paper print.


  Diffusion and dislocation of colloidal molecules to the ink layer of paper prints and paper molecules to achieve good adhesion, forming a complete coverage of the entire surface of the printed matter, so that the printed matter is bright, non-fogging, glue layer leveling, and no folding The bonding effect is good. In the case of no wrinkles, the pressure can be increased appropriately to fully express the thermoplastic curing performance of the hot melt adhesive, so as to ensure that the laminated product is in the process of adding after the lamination. A variety of physical peeling, impact and other impact actuators have strong resistance to achieve the same speed at which the internal structure and surface state of the laminated printed matter can reach perfection.


  The paper lamination is a dynamic laminating movement. The speed of its movement determines the time that the paper-plastic laminate stays on the hot-pressing interface on the hot-pressing work interface, and it also determines the temperature, pressure and input of the laminator. The actual effect of paper-plastic lamination in the actual production process.


  For more product information about Automatic coating machine, you can click on the relevant link below.


  NFY-B1080 Automatic Thermal Laminating Machine

  SG-II Automatic Double Coater UV Oil Varnishing Machine

  SG-E Automatic Thin and Thick Paper UV Oil Varnishing Machine

22 Apr, 2021


The phenomenon of wrinkles in the film, in fact, this kind of problem is common, and because of this, the problem of wrinkles in the film of the film laminator has also become a problem that has been discussed in the post-press processing industry. Next, let's discuss the next thing about the film laminator. Causes and solutions for wrinkles in the film.


21 Apr, 2021


What is the operating process of the pre-coating type laminating machine? Let's take a look together.

1. Prepare. Check whether the parts of the machine are normal, and carry out routine inspection, lubrication and cleaning before starting up.

21 Apr, 2021


What are the characteristics of the ready-to-coat laminating machine?

1. The base and wall panels are constructed of cast iron and are not deformed to ensure that their accuracy will not be affected during use and maintenance and replacement of parts.

2. The gluing roller and the rubber-limiting roller are made with precision, and the concentricity error of the roller surface is controlled within 0.01mm to ensure uniform gluing and save the amount of glue.

21 Apr, 2021


Laminating machines can be divided into two categories: instant-coating laminating machines and pre-coating laminating machines. It is a kind of special equipment for paper, board, and film laminating. After being pressurized by rubber roller and heating roller, it is combined together to form a paper-plastic integrated product. Due to the wide application in daily life, today I will introduce the characteristics of the vacuum laminating machine.





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