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  What matters should be paid attention to in the application of the printing and packaging machine in the post-press coating and oil protection process?

  The role of printing and packaging machines is very large. Many products now use packaging. Therefore, choosing a good packaging printing machine can make the outer packaging of the product look more textured. However, many printing and packaging machines perform laminating and coating after printing. The treatment of the oil protection process is very important. These are detailed issues, so we must pay more attention to these processes. Let’s take a look at what matters should be paid attention to in the application of the printing and packaging machine in the post-press lamination and oil protection process?

Post press film laminating and oil coating protection process

  1. Pay attention to heat dissipation

  The application of the printing and packaging machine in the post-press laminating and oil protection process should be very detailed. If the machine is better, these processes can produce better results. If the machine used is not good, it will cause the film after laminating. Unevenness, which will cause curling, so it is very important to pay attention to heat dissipation. However, some machines automatically dissipate heat and can directly arrange the film to be very smooth, and the effect is better.

  2. Protective oil

  The printing and packaging machine should also have a good oiling protection effect in the application of post-press coating and oiling protection technology, because oiling can directly determine the gloss of the packaging box, and a good machine can evenly apply oil when applying oil. And the oiling effect is very good, will not cause any problems, can automatically seal and cut automatically.

  3. Intelligent machine

  A good printing and packaging machine can complete the lamination and oiling protection process at one time. Such machines are now smart machines, which can directly operate the interface manually and then use the intelligent way to complete all the programs, so in the printing and packaging The machine should choose an intelligent machine in the application of post-printing film and oiling protection process, which can well protect the oiling process and allow all processes to be carried out automatically.

  If the printing and packaging machine is better in the application of the post-press coating and oiling protection process, it will have a good printing effect. If the process cannot be protected, the printing effect will not be very good, so the choice of the machine is critical.

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